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Two%20docs%20and%20medical%20symbol%20copyMany people have talked to me about the “Health Care Reform” bill currently making its way through congress.  Many have stated that “Universal Health Care” for all is a right.  Let me ask you one simple question.  ‘How can you divine a right from a commodity such as health care, that is in limited supply (there are only so many hospitals and doctors) without rationing?  Doesn’t rationing eliminate the claim of it being a right?

Published on September 16, 2009 at 5:14 pm  Comments (1)  

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  1. You are correct – health care is a commodity, just like so many other things available in the marketplace. It cannot be given out as a “right” without the resulting rationing you mention.

    One has to realize that many of the “problems” that exist in the current system are the result of past government intervention. Example: health insurance was added as a benefit to employees back in the 1940’s when the wise federal government had wage controls in place. Those wage controls prevented employers from offering more money to employees, so fringe benefits, including health insurance, became the incentive to encourage employees to change employment.

    The best solution to solving the so-called health care crisis would be for government to get entirely out of the system and force doctors and hospitals to compete in the marketplace, something they currently do not do.

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